• Complete the the sign up form below.  
  • You will receive a confirmation e-mail naming your assigned Transaction Manager.
  • OEI (Open Escrow Instructions) will be sent out for your signature and auto sent to BIC + escrow.
  • Your TM will create a timeline (action plan) in Salesforce.
  • Your Salesforce file & app will hold your escrow timeline (action plan) that your TM will maintain.
  • Your TM will send an introductory email to your client, coop agent + escrow. 
  • CC your assigned TM on all correspondence throughout the escrow process. 
  • Your TM will ensure all required documents are in Salesforce throughout the escrow transaction.
  • At closing your TM will update your client mailing address in Salesforce.
  • Your TM will create + send closing checklist to your BIC on your behalf.
  • Dual Agency / Customer Coop transactions will be at a reduced fee of $300 to each side.

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